Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 9:00AM​​

Big Nick's Ride for the Fallen

Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 9:00AM​​

"The Good DOC"

2018 - Why We Ride


by Stephen G. Xiarhos--

I received a special message today from a young US Navy Corpsman who served with Nicholas nicknamed ‘The Good Doc’ that I’d like to share. Fortunately, The Good Doc returned home safely and is now continuing to serve in a school in New York.... 

"Nick and I really connected when he had a hernia and I had to take him to get his surgery and I remember not going into work to stay with him in his barracks room and I’d bring my Xbox and stay with him all day playing guitar hero and ordering food.”

Nick gave me the nickname ‘The Good Doc'

We use to spend nights together playing guitar hero and talk about our lives before the Corp.

He’s the only Marine of mine that I wasn’t there to take care of when the time came for his doc to do the job and I wish I was there for him. 

I remember his voice clear as day. 

Calling the Good Doc….

I still love and miss your son and so do all the other Marines from Bravo Weapons.

I was so scared when I first got to the fleet and X took care of me. 

He made me feel like I belonged.

He made me feel like I was a Marine!

He is always with me every damn day of my life and I try to love better and try harder because of him.

It’s my honor to have met and love your son like a brother of mine

I’m having my own son now…

And his name will be Theodore Nicholas Valencia."